‘Bishop Cop’ uses bible to tackle community problems


Bishop Cyril Francis from the Potters House held centre stage recently at an event along the main road of Scotty Drive leading into Gregory Park in St Catherine.

He set aside his crime fighting equipment he uses as a corporal assigned to Community Safety and Security and as a peer counsellor at the St Catherine North Division, to become a “prayer warrior”, wielding the bible as his weapon of choice during the event.

Bishop Francis, who was previously an owner of an exotic club, told a gathering of police personnel, community members and church leaders of his experiences and how he came to know Christ.

“You see my sound was always disturbing a church with the noise and one night church was keeping and the members of the church turned their hands to my place of business and prayed and the sound stop working. So I decided to go and speak with the pastor. When I got there, he told me he had been waiting on me and after prayer, I  got saved. With tears running down my cheeks, I ran home and told my mother who said, ‘gweh yah bwoy, u can’t change’!” he said, a rueful smile on his face.

Bishop Francis has been a Christian over 20 years. He lamented that there were not more males present at the gathering.

“I am thrilled that I can represent Christ because the message has to be preached. The night was a success although the men were lacking but I believe wherever the women are, the men will be drawn in their web,” he said.

Inspector Ian Purrier of the St Catherine South Division Community Safety and Security told Loop News: “Tonight was a night of worship and not crime. So let’s give God praise and work together. We know how to worship and pray. We are aware that some persons in the community want nothing to do with police but walk good and we love you.”

He explained the reason behind the church-police initiative to help bind communities together under the theme, “Love Me to Love, Don’t Love Me to Death”.

“Under the leadership of acting commissioner Novelette Grant, we are currently working with churches to build love. We want no domestic violence and a lot of issues we are talking about and bringing love into the community and level of understanding. The community was very receptive to the church and we are very happy,” said Inspector Purrier told Loop News minutes after the event.

Moderator Glenford Squire welcomed the joint effort among the churches, police and community and hoped that it will spread to other communities.

Other participating churches were Potters House, Faith Tabernacle and Gregory Park Church of God of Prophecy.

Source: Loop Jamaica – Click to read more


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