Khago Reacts To Criticisms After Releasing His Freaky Songs


Khago has released a new single taking aim at several online vloggers who criticized his recent ‘freaky songs.’

The Dancehall artist has released a new diss record titled “Kill Vlogger,” which takes aim at several social media personalities who criticized and branded his singles “Long Gun Boy” and “Come Inna Mi Place” as freaky anthems.

The “Nah Sell Out” deejay uses the new single to throw lyrical jabs at several Vloggers and social media personalities including Facebook Hero, Rawpa Crawpa, SouFloTv, CMR TV and Dr Love who he used to diss track to question his sexuality.

According to Khago, he decided to record the track to give vloggers a taste of their own medicine, claiming that they often only say negative things about entertainers in an effort to tear them down instead of highlighting positive works.

Several of the Vloggers have however hit back at the entertainer claiming that he is only seeking attention for a comeback, and is bitter about their honesty towards his controversial tracks.


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