Woman accidentally kills her husband after finding text messages and photos of another woman in his phone


This story reads like an episode of ‘Snapped.’ One moment a woman was living a good life and then suddenly she is facing 25-years in prison. All because she snapped after finding out her husband was possibly cheating on her.


Conway, Arkansas – On Monday, Lashawnda Renee Macon, 31, plead guilty to second-degree murder as part of a negotiated plea deal for the shooting death of her husband, 35-year-old Glen “Fredd” Macon Jr.

Lashawnda sat calmly before the court as she accepted an offer that would require her to spend 25 years in an Arkansas prison.

Before approving the plea deal, Circuit Judge Charles Clawson Jr. set a sentencing date for early August,  in order to give himself more time to review  the details of the January 2016 incident that led the death of Lashawnda’s husband.

.“I would like the chance to review the circumstances in this matter,” he said.

(To me that means he may end up giving her less time. Judges don’t seem to care why people do things. They mostly just go with whatever the prosecution recommends. This judge is trying to be fair, in my opinion.)

The argument leading to the fight started around 3 a.m. on Jan, 4 2016.


The couple began fighting , after Lashawnda had gone through Glen’s phone and noted some “inappropriate messages and photos between [Glen] and another woman,” according to court documents.

After the heated argument, a brokenhearted Lashawnda stormed out of their home on Fair Oaks Drive to spend the night with her mother, noting Glen “had been drinking alcohol and was drunk.”

When her mother left for work around 5 a.m. Lashawnda returned to her home she shared with her husband.

Upon returning, the two began arguing once again, according to a probable cause affidavit. Lashawnda accused Glen of physically attacked her, causing a few abrasions on her right chest and elbow.



The affidavit states Lashawnda “had gone into the bathroom with her phone and was trying to contact police” when Glen “kicked the door open and took away her phone.”

At this point, Lashawnda says Glen left the home and started walking down the street east on Brier Springs Road. Instead of allowing him to leave and cool off,  Lashawnda hopped in her BMW truck and intercepted Glen about a block and a half down the street asking for her phone.


Lashawnda told police “she let the passenger side window down, brandished a gun and demanded that [Glen] give her phone back,” the affidavit stated.

Glen told Lashawnda her phone was at their home, according to the report. Lashawnda replied that she did not believe him and reportedly shot Glen in the left rib cage.



Detectives asked Lashawnda hours after the incident if she shot Glen more than once or if other shots were fired but missed him.

“Lashawnda said that she had only fired the pistol once and had hit Fredd where she was aiming,” the affidavit reads. “Lashawnda said Fredd fell down to the side of the road and was saying that he loved her and was sorry. Lashawnda then spoke to Fredd saying that she had told him she would ‘blow [his] head off’ if he ever physically assaulted her. Lashawnda said she told Fredd: ‘Get in the damn car!’ She further said: ‘I will kill you AND take you to the hospital.”

After shooting her husband, she then drove him to Conway Regional Medical Center’s emergency room.

While on the way, Glen “was holding his side saying, ‘I’m dying! I’m dying,’” according to court documents.

“It’s not like I shot you in the heart,” Lashawnda replied, noting her husband’s wounds were “not that serious.”


According to court documents, Glen walked into the emergency room by himself while Lashawnda parked the vehicle. While in triage, the father of five collapsed on the hospital floor.

Initially, Lashawnda was charged with first-degree battery. However, after Glen died from a gunshot wound he sustained, charges were upgraded to second-degree murder.

Macon will remain free on a $100,000 bond until her sentencing court date on August 8 at 1 p.m.

In the meantime, LaShawnda Macon is still trying to enjoy her life, or what’s left of it…

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