Lee Milla says Popcaan and Alkaline are on the same international level


During an interview with Entertainment Report, Dancehall producer Lee Milla has talked about Popcaan, Alkaline, Shenseea & more. 

The “Red Eyes” producer was first asked if he is, as other producers, “locked” into camps. He said he is not, but when asked if he would make a beat for Popcaan he answered with a laugh before commenting “Popcaan, don’t really know”.

The interviewer then kept asking Lee Milla which artists he likes working with, and the first name was Shenseea, because she can sing, deejay and is very influential on Social Media.

Lee Milla left also some comments on one of his latest productions, “Golden Hold Riddim”, which is highly influenced by Afro Beat genre, while keeping the hardcore style of Dancehall.

The producer was then questioned about why Alkaline does not leave a lot interviews since lately. He responded that the reason why he keeps this behavior is because he has released a lot of international collaborations, so he clearly belongs to the international scene.

At this point, the ER interviewer commented on the matter saying that Alkaline is not actually working at the same level as Popcaan is doing, due to the friendship of the Unruly Boss with Drake, the most streamed artist world wide right now. Lee Milla did not agree with this statement, saying that Alkaline has collaborated with French Montana who is as BIG as Drake.

Although this was fastly denied by the interviewer, Lee Milla said he really does not know but French Montana has still “hits”.

Do you agree with Lee Milla? Are Popcaan and Alkaline in the same league from an international level point of view?