Zebra threw urine on policeman


Incarcerated dancehall deejay Zebra (real name ? Garfield Vassell), is in more trouble with the law.

Reports are that he threw urine on a policeman. However, police officials have declined to comment about this.

Zebra has being in locked up since April of 2009. All this is stemming from an incident in April 2009, when Zebra is said to have sexually assaulted the daughter of his girlfriend.

He was released form prison in September 2008 after spending 7 years for a similar charge. Zebra is known for his hit single “Weh Yu Run Fah”, which was release in 1992.

Zebra was found guilty on two counts of sexual assault,reports are that he was charged with the rape and buggery of his teenage stepdaughter.

He was sentence to 30years at hard labour in prison on November 19, 2010.

His common law wife, Althea Perry who was found guilty of negligence is to be sentenced on February 9, 2011.